Vibration attenuation


Natural stone


Mechanical Resilience

Vibration control

Vibration control: Protecting people and buildings from harmful vibration

Rockdelta tackles vibrations annoyance by isolating the track and protecting nearby structures from ground-borne vibrations caused by rail transport systems: tramways, light rail systems, subways, metros, main lines and high-speed lines. 

Attenuation of vibration is achieved by decoupling the track from the surrounding environment using Rockdelta as a resilient mat.

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Structure protection

Reducing ballast attrition and protecting the substructure by decoupling the ballast bed

Rockdelta mats may be use as well for decoupling the permanent way from the railroad formation to reduce ballast attrition, prolong the life of the ballast bed and limit maintenance activities by improving the distribution of the acting dynamic forces in traditional ballasted railways and bridges.

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Installation of Rockdelta

Rockdelta provides shock absorbing stone wool mats which minimize the vibration of the trains. This ensures a more pleasant living environment and protects the architecture in the railway surroundings. The video shows the installation of Rockdelta near Helsinki, Finland.

Our Thinking

Download our whitepaper

Our new white paper provides insight into how Rockdelta stone wool mats work to control vibration and protect structures for rail tracks. It explains what properties make Rockdelta stone wool mats work more effectively compared to conventional organic materials currently used.

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Solves ground vibration problems by isolating ground-borne and structure-borne vibration.

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