The Lund Tramway is a 5.5km-long, double-track tramway – on exclusive track – connecting the city centre of Lund, Sweden (122,000 inhabitants) to the hospital, university, science park and the multidisciplinary research facility Science Village/ESS in Brunnshög, a completely new part of the city in the North East. Nine stops with 45m platforms have been built. Seven modern trams with a practical capacity of approximately 200 passengers are going to run every 7,5 minute at the start.

The construction works on the infrastructure started in February 2017, and were finished at the end of 2019. The official opening of the line is planned for 13th December 2020.


Lund, Sweden

The fact that the tram is now in place means that those who move here will be able to have public transport as a natural choice right from the start.

Pernilla von Strokirch

Lund Municipality's Project Manager